The holistic health and detox benefits of the Honey massage for your skin, muscles and body may make it the best massage at the ELEOS. Honey is full of vitamins and minerals and is especially great for the body. If you want to treat yourself to a healthy and relaxing massage with the best health benefits, try our exclusive Honey massage.


- Antibacterial
- Encourage collagen and elastin production
- Improve blood circulation and metabolism
- Excellent drainage of toxins and excess fluids
- Honey contains vitamins, minerals, and enzymes
- Anti-inflammatory
- Eliminate acne, help dry and itchy skin
- Produce sotthing and rejuvenating effects


Your skin will be radiant and healthy from absorbing honey's vitamins and minerals and getting rid of and detoxing from the toxins hidden deep in the skin and muscles during the treatment. Honey massage has spread mainly among women because it has an excellent anti-cellulite effect.

Honey massage is an ancient health treatment that has been around for centuries and referred to as Tibetan or Russian/Ukrainian Honey Massage. The technique used is perhaps more related to something like cupping because, instead of gliding, the palmar surface of the hands of the therapist pull up on the skin resulting in a pumping motion, which stimulates reflex zones, improves circulation and helps the body in removal of toxins.

How can the Honey massage aid in detoxing the body? After honey becomes sticky when rubbed and massaged into your body, the consistency of the honey changes, turning into white grainy pellets on the skin. This massage oil alternative not only absorbs into and moisturizes the skin, but also draws out toxins due to its sticky consistency and the suction created by the therapist's special honey massage technique. Whether used externally on the skin for healing or eaten as a healthy alternative to white sugar, honey is full of vitamins and minerals. A good natural alternative for healing cuts, scratches and scrapes on the skin. If you want to treat yourself to a healthy and relaxing massage with the best health benefits, try our Honey Massage with highly skilled therapists.

Honey massage is not recommended for people with allergies to bee products (including honey), or for people with high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, varicose veins, skin diseases of various kinds and serious wounds and/or inflammations.

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